Solar power the real article

The Real Solar Power Story

Mr. Wilson of the Renewable Energy Testing Initiative says that given the recent reduction in the QLD Governments feed in rate and some negative press about solar panels it still remains a good option.

Its no surprise: that the consumer can see through this negative discussion about a product and see the advantages of installing solar power given recent announcements that energy costs will increase by as much as 21% starting this month. SOLAR POWER IS SAFE AND DOES PERFORM and is expected to perform for 25 years, how can this possibly be a bad decision? Imagine the money saved over that time and the positive impact on the environment.

Keep paying your energy provider and absorb the constant increase and own nothing or install a solar system and stop paying energy bills and in approx 4 years own the energy source on your roof with no more added costs, seems a simple enough resolution?

PANEL CHOICE: When selecting a solar panel it can be over whelming with so many brands and sales stories to try and get you to sign up for an installation. Currently there are panels online at which has leading brands in the field being tested dail. You are welcome to go online and see these individual products working on rainy days or brilliant sunny days,

Energy Wise Group are electricians in Queensland servicing Brisbane and bayside areas. We find the Reti website makes for the understanding of products and their performance a lot easier to explain to customers and allows the staff to better understand the products offered. Reti gives the team confidence in the products offered, if we trust it we are comfortable offering it.

Mr. Klein from Commercial Solar Group says he simply won’t offer a product to large or small scale projects without seeing it tested in the real world conditions at the Renewable Energy Testing Initiative (RETI). Without this information it’s very hard to have faith in a product if the suppliers are not prepared to put there solar panels at the facility and show the consumer their actual performance in the field. Specifications sheets are only one part of the story, in the field under test conditions is the real performance measure.


Safety: The safety of the panels on a roof has been brought into question and the claims are that if you have solar panels on your roof there is a risk of electrocution from higher voltages? The risk is there as it is with any electrical installation including what could be called simple light fittings or power points around the home.

Correct installation by certified qualified electricians reduces risk. The inclusion of a remote isolator to the panels on the roof will significantly reduce the risk, these units can be fitted during installation or retro fitted to an existing system, there is cost associated with this product but we would consider it may be worth the investment.

Appliances and electrical damage: Solar installations are tightly regulated; the recent discussion about solar power causing appliances in the home to fail simply is hard to believe. A solar power installation has several control measures to prevent electrical issues within the grid and the home. Solar Power installations in most cases improve the electricity supplied to a home and is much "cleaner" than the energy provide by your retailer. Within the grid there are losses and power factor problems, which can cause what is known as dirty energy. A solar system installed using recommended inverters and solar panels actually assists in the reduction of these losses and smooths out the grid and enabling the supply of a much cleaner electrical supply this actually help a home and its electrical supply. A cleaner electrical supply will increase the life of electrical appliances such as fridges, lights, and any motor driven equipment, this applies to a home or commercial building or factory.

The Inverters safety: Inverters are designed to measure the grid supply and match that supply, this means a solar system simply can’t over supply the grid or your home; the inverters are all set to shut down if the grid voltage supplied to your home or factory is exceeded, they also shut down if their own energy being produced exceeds what is normal. The systems when installed also have safety isolators which will trip the supply to the home and the grid if safe levels are exceeded.

Time to take stock: It’s time to support this renewable energy source and recognize the value it has to the environment, the reduction in the cost of living by reducing energy bills, the positive effects it has on current energy supply and the service life of the product. There is no other service or product in the world which has a performance guarantee of 25 years like the solar industry. If you don’t have a solar system maybe it’s time to invest?

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This is averaging out you Peak and off peak at $0.15 pr kW. With 6 hours of sunlight each day

Solar Panels & Tesla

As Solar Power Brisbane specialists in solar power, whether its grid connect or off grid power system design, we service a national client base with world leading solar panels, inverters and Tesla batteries and Powerwall. Solar power installed nationally for residential and commercial sites.
 We provide German inverters and Solar panels, we design and install solar specific to your needs.
The products we use are exactly what we offer on our commercial solar installations.
We also offer the latest solar technology in the form of micro inverters and solar optimisers designed to increase solar panel performance by as much as 17%.
We have recently included Solaredge to our commercial installations with great success and now offer these systems to solar power Brisbane residential homes.

Tesla Batteries & Powerwall

Batteries - Off Grid Power

We can install both off grid and stand alone solar power battery units for domestic and commercial purposes, off grid power solutions using the best design practice and tier one products nationally.
Stand alone batteries and stand alone solar systems are now making ground in the market and removing the need to be grid connected. Whether your are in a remote area, building a new home and would like to consider your power options we have systems to meet all stand alone power needs for residential or commercial.
To find out more about how our battery units can be fitted directly to your current solar power system for little effort and cost, please visit our Off Grid Solar Power Units page. For new solar power systems, and full details on stand alone battery units please visit our Group Partner's page.

Off Grid Solar Units

Poultry Lighting & Power Factor

LED Lighting, Voltage Optimisation and Power Factor correction will significantly reduce operational costs, our observations have seen most sites running a Power factor of .72 to .88 which will see an increase of operating costs between 12% to 30% on most sites, our Voltage optimisation units, LED lights with built in sunrise sunset controllers coupled with our variable speed drives that operate the fans reduce power factor. VSDs will help stabilise the growing condition and improve returns, fans don't have to run at 1005 to get the best results through 80% of the growing cycle, if we reduce fans speed by 25 we increase savings by 20%.
Chicken farms are at the mercy of the energy providers and retailers, better energy supply and a controlled voltage equals better returns, less light failure, less burnt out or failing fans, less heat, and better overall growing conditions.

Chicken Shed Lighting Lighting Plans LED Lights

About Energy Wise Group

Energy Wise Group are Solar Power Brisbane specialists with a national installation and distribution group, operating out of the  Brisbane Technology Park (head office) Eight Mile Plains we offer energy specialists certified and recognised as system designers and integrators of not only solar power Brisbane, but also in energy reduction and integration, solar power Brisbane, voltage optimisation Brisbane, power factor correction and variable speed drives is just part of what we offer, experienced advice and installations for everything solar and energy. We use only the highest quality solar panels and electrical equipment, we will not install based on price alone.
This is truly a family business built on the back of quality service and products. we make no apologies for not being the cheapest in the market, we simply don't offer products or service that don't meet our expectations to many companies make this mistake and wont be around when they are needed.

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