Queensland government back flips on solar power feed in rates.

How will the Solar Bonus Scheme change?

The government is making changes to the Solar Bonus Scheme so that new feed-in tariffs after 30 June 2014 do not increase the cost of electricity.

The changes will affect customers who are receiving the 8 cent rate and any new solar PV connections but will not affect the entitlements of existing $0.44 cent customers. If you are currently receiving $0.44 cents and you maintain your eligibility under the scheme, you will continue to receive that rate.

The 8 cent feed-in tariff was established with an expiry date of 30 June 2014 while the government examined the future of feed-in tariffs in Queensland.

The government has now decided on the following arrangements to replace the 8 cent feed-in tariff rate:

  • Allow electricity retailers to set the feed-in tariff rate in South East Queensland
    This means there will be no regulated feed-in tariff. Instead, the rates will be determined by competition between electricity retailers. This reduces pressure on electricity prices as the payments will not be funded by distribution businesses and passed on to electricity customers. Instead, they will be paid by retailers based on the market value for the energy exported.
  • Continue to regulate a feed-in tariff for regional Queensland customers
    The feed-in tariff rate will be set by the Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) based on the market value of the electricity exported. The feed-in tariff will be paid by the electricity retailer, who can on-sell the exported energy to other customers, rather than by electricity consumers.

The government will also work with the QCA to improve public information about retailers' solar feed-in tariffs to help consumers in the south east get the best market deals available when the 8 cent feed-in tariff rate ends.

These arrangements will enable the solar industry to continue its transition from an industry that relies on subsidies to one that is competitive and able to grow without relying on government support.

Why is the Solar Bonus Scheme changing?

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This is averaging out you Peak and off peak at $0.15 pr kW. With 6 hours of sunlight each day

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