Meter Board Repairs made safe

Don't Put your family your Home or Business at RISK

Meter Boards are a real concern, the older boards can have real safety issues and can cause serious damage to electrical components and can potentially burn out, or catch fire. The older type homes with porcelain fuses, no mains RCD, no trip switches, no meter Isolation Links, and poor quality backing boards made of flammable material such as wood or chip boards are the largest meter board fire risks.
The older porcelain fuses can vibrate in there cradle at a microscopic level causing hot joints which can become over heated and in some cases catch fire, these fuses should be replaced with current compliant breakers and isolation links.
The cost of replacing the existing meter board can vary from approximately $800.00 to $4,000, each home needs to be assessed before a solid price can be given, generally we can make a fair estimation from pictures of the meter board, pictures of the trip switches, meters and the over all view of the board will help.

After the upgrade is complete we will request your energy provider replace your existing meter to a new model to eliminate the risk caused from old meters, this is a very simple process, we will do all the paper work for you, all we need is your permission to help.

We can visit your home and make a report on the works needed and give an over all assessment of your electrical meter board, its the best $450.00 you will ever spend, don't take the risk. Prices are vary depending on area. 

Below is an idea of what you should look for.

Meter Board Upgrade

Calculator (enter your quartery kWh usage)

Calculator (enter quarterly bill amount)

This is averaging out you Peak and off peak at $0.15 pr kW. With 6 hours of sunlight each day

Solar Panels & Tesla

As Solar Power Brisbane specialists in solar power, whether its grid connect or off grid power system design, we service a national client base with world leading solar panels, inverters and Tesla batteries and Powerwall. Solar power installed nationally for residential and commercial sites.
 We provide German inverters and Solar panels, we design and install solar specific to your needs.
The products we use are exactly what we offer on our commercial solar installations.
We also offer the latest solar technology in the form of micro inverters and solar optimisers designed to increase solar panel performance by as much as 17%.
We have recently included Solaredge to our commercial installations with great success and now offer these systems to solar power Brisbane residential homes.

Tesla Batteries & Powerwall

Batteries - Off Grid Power

We can install both off grid and stand alone solar power battery units for domestic and commercial purposes, off grid power solutions using the best design practice and tier one products nationally.
Stand alone batteries and stand alone solar systems are now making ground in the market and removing the need to be grid connected. Whether your are in a remote area, building a new home and would like to consider your power options we have systems to meet all stand alone power needs for residential or commercial.
To find out more about how our battery units can be fitted directly to your current solar power system for little effort and cost, please visit our Off Grid Solar Power Units page. For new solar power systems, and full details on stand alone battery units please visit our Group Partner's page.

Off Grid Solar Units

Poultry Lighting & Power Factor

LED Lighting, Voltage Optimisation and Power Factor correction will significantly reduce operational costs, our observations have seen most sites running a Power factor of .72 to .88 which will see an increase of operating costs between 12% to 30% on most sites, our Voltage optimisation units, LED lights with built in sunrise sunset controllers coupled with our variable speed drives that operate the fans reduce power factor. VSDs will help stabilise the growing condition and improve returns, fans don't have to run at 1005 to get the best results through 80% of the growing cycle, if we reduce fans speed by 25 we increase savings by 20%.
Chicken farms are at the mercy of the energy providers and retailers, better energy supply and a controlled voltage equals better returns, less light failure, less burnt out or failing fans, less heat, and better overall growing conditions.

Chicken Shed Lighting Lighting Plans LED Lights

About Energy Wise Group

Energy Wise Group are Solar Power Brisbane specialists with a national installation and distribution group, operating out of the  Brisbane Technology Park (head office) Eight Mile Plains we offer energy specialists certified and recognised as system designers and integrators of not only solar power Brisbane, but also in energy reduction and integration, solar power Brisbane, voltage optimisation Brisbane, power factor correction and variable speed drives is just part of what we offer, experienced advice and installations for everything solar and energy. We use only the highest quality solar panels and electrical equipment, we will not install based on price alone.
This is truly a family business built on the back of quality service and products. we make no apologies for not being the cheapest in the market, we simply don't offer products or service that don't meet our expectations to many companies make this mistake and wont be around when they are needed.

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