Q: How can I see products working as they would on my home, factory or office?

A:The products we recommend are all online at www.reti.com.au

Q: What size system will I need?

A: We simply divide your average daily use buy 4.2 as a guide.


Q: Why are there so many different solar prices and Solar Panels to choose from?

A: It’s like all things, the most important is that the products have been tested and ranked, that they have a Manufacturer’s warranty that you can turn to. We only supply the products that come straight from the manufacturer and have his branding and warranty associated with that actual product. Check the quality of the performance against your solar prices.


Q: What happens if I have a warranty issue?

A: You contact the product manufacturer. The Importer or manufacturer is responsible for the solar panels and solar inverters. Our solar power price only covers the installation warranty, but we will contact the supplier or importer on your behalf and resolve the issues where possible.


Q: What is a Small Scale Certificate (STC) and how does it apply to me?

A: The STC is a form of stock used in green trading; it is seen as the form in which solar power rebates are provided, basically each size system receives a number of STCs which is multiplied by the value of the STCs on the day you sign your contract. Example: If your asked for a 4kW system you would have at your disposal 68 STCs at todays value for example $25.00 = $1,700 This would be subtracted from the initial cost of the solar system to give you the final cost of your solar system so if the cost of your system was $10,370 you would take away the rebate and have an out of pocket cost for the system of $8,670.


Q: Why use different inverters models for different size systems?

A: The number of panels and there output need to be matched to the best possible inverter specification to give you the most efficient system. There is a computer modelling program available that aligns the Panels and there specification to the best inverter for that configuration, to go outside these recommendation will reduce your potential output.


Q: Is the income from a solar system taxed?

A: If it is on your primary place of residence the answer is no, if it is attached to your energy bill as your business account then the answer is YES, the system in this case will also a depreciate, you need to clarify this with your accountant if it’s for business purposes. We have attached the tax ruling for your perusal.


Q: How does the feed in rate work?

A: You will be paid a minimum of $.06 from your electricity retailer. We suggest you shop around and talk to the retailers to get the best price available. Your new digital meter when you install solar power will read your usage and input hourly, if you produce 8kw per hour and use 4 kw in that same hour you will be paid for that 4kw in that hour ($.24).

How much you will get as a return will be up to you, manage your usage on appliances during the hours of 7am till 5pm and you will be surprised at your possibilities.


Q: When do I get paid?

A: You need to request your payment preference with your Energy Provider, by the ¼ or Yearly.


Q: Does my roof need to be strengthened?

A: As long as your roof meets the normal building codes then normally no, but you need to confirm this on site inspection.


Q: Should I put a larger inverter on now so I can upgrade later?

Our answer is no, we match the inverter as closely as practical to the solar panel output. The reason this is so important is that the inverter actually uses energy from your panels to turn the DC from your panels into AC for the grid. The larger the inverter particularly on the systems under 5kw have different voltage needs to turn on your system and produce electricity back to the grid? Explanation:  Some inverters start producing AC back to the grid at 100Volts while others start at 150/240 depending on the quality of your inverter and its model this can vary a lot between systems. If your start up voltage is high on a bigger inverter the later in the day your system will start feeding power back into the grid, reducing your possible return. Simply put if it wasn’t so important why do they make different size inverters at all???? If asked to supply a system with a larger inverter we would decline the work as result of possibly reduction of the systems efficiency.


Q: Which direction should the panels face?

A: Ideally you panels should face north at the same angle as your latitude, Brisbane is 27 deg.


Q: Do I lose a lot of solar production if I am facing East or West?

A: You will lose up to 5/10 % if you can’t face north, if you want to increase your return tilt the panels north on your East or west roof this will reduce the overall loose.


Q: What happens in a hail storm?

A: The panels can stand a direct hit at 30 meters per second from a piece of hail 1Inch in diameter, if your panels are broken chances are so would your tile roof?


Q: Does the fact I have solar power attached to my home affect my Insurance and what should I do about my insurance?

A: When the solar system is fitted you need to advise your insurance company that your solar system is affixed to your roof; they will generally just add it to your policy at no added cost? You need to confirm this with your insurance company before you proceed.

Calculator (enter your quartery kWh usage)

Calculator (enter quarterly bill amount)

This is averaging out you Peak and off peak at $0.15 pr kW. With 6 hours of sunlight each day

Solar Panels & Tesla

As Solar Power Brisbane specialists in solar power, whether its grid connect or off grid power system design, we service a national client base with world leading solar panels, inverters and Tesla batteries and Powerwall. Solar power installed nationally for residential and commercial sites.
 We provide German inverters and Solar panels, we design and install solar specific to your needs.
The products we use are exactly what we offer on our commercial solar installations.
We also offer the latest solar technology in the form of micro inverters and solar optimisers designed to increase solar panel performance by as much as 17%.
We have recently included Solaredge to our commercial installations with great success and now offer these systems to solar power Brisbane residential homes.

Tesla Batteries & Powerwall

Batteries - Off Grid Power

We can install both off grid and stand alone solar power battery units for domestic and commercial purposes, off grid power solutions using the best design practice and tier one products nationally.
Stand alone batteries and stand alone solar systems are now making ground in the market and removing the need to be grid connected. Whether your are in a remote area, building a new home and would like to consider your power options we have systems to meet all stand alone power needs for residential or commercial.
To find out more about how our battery units can be fitted directly to your current solar power system for little effort and cost, please visit our Off Grid Solar Power Units page. For new solar power systems, and full details on stand alone battery units please visit our Group Partner's page.

Off Grid Solar Units

Poultry Lighting & Power Factor

LED Lighting, Voltage Optimisation and Power Factor correction will significantly reduce operational costs, our observations have seen most sites running a Power factor of .72 to .88 which will see an increase of operating costs between 12% to 30% on most sites, our Voltage optimisation units, LED lights with built in sunrise sunset controllers coupled with our variable speed drives that operate the fans reduce power factor. VSDs will help stabilise the growing condition and improve returns, fans don't have to run at 1005 to get the best results through 80% of the growing cycle, if we reduce fans speed by 25 we increase savings by 20%.
Chicken farms are at the mercy of the energy providers and retailers, better energy supply and a controlled voltage equals better returns, less light failure, less burnt out or failing fans, less heat, and better overall growing conditions.

Chicken Shed Lighting Lighting Plans LED Lights

About Energy Wise Group

Energy Wise Group are Solar Power Brisbane specialists with a national installation and distribution group, operating out of the  Brisbane Technology Park (head office) Eight Mile Plains we offer energy specialists certified and recognised as system designers and integrators of not only solar power Brisbane, but also in energy reduction and integration, solar power Brisbane, voltage optimisation Brisbane, power factor correction and variable speed drives is just part of what we offer, experienced advice and installations for everything solar and energy. We use only the highest quality solar panels and electrical equipment, we will not install based on price alone.
This is truly a family business built on the back of quality service and products. we make no apologies for not being the cheapest in the market, we simply don't offer products or service that don't meet our expectations to many companies make this mistake and wont be around when they are needed.

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